E-shop to Customer

Notify your customers worldwide automatically from within your e-shop about order checkouts, order status, offers and more!

Notify Administrators

Enables you to notify e-shop Administrators about customer signups, checkouts and more…

SMS On Demand

Send On Demand SMS to any mobile number worldwide from your your e-shop’s administration area

Why use it on my e-shop?

Reach out to your Customers

Take advantage of active communication with your customers via SMS and rapidly inform them about your e-shop’s offers, deals, news etc.

Higher Open Rates

Research shows that SMS have an open rate of 45% while emails are at 28-33%. 3x times of your customers will read your SMS than your e-mails

Higher Click Through Rate (CTR)

The average click through rate for links in SMS messages stands at 19% while the click through rate for e-mail marketing is at 3.2%

Increase your sales

Promote your e-shop and enhance your marketing strategies with SMS Messages.